Tally Dascom T2610+
OKI Data Replacements

Replacement for the following OKI Data printers: PM 2140, PM 3410 ML 591, ML 521, ML 491, ML 421, ML 393+, ML 391+ and ML 321.

What Replaces Your OKI Data Printer

Find your OKI Data printer on this quick and easy to use guide. See what the best dot matrix printer replacements are for your needs

Tally Dascom 2600 Dot Matrix

Heavy Duty forms printing for warehouse, distribution centers, and high volume office.

OKI Data ML320
Speed & Features of OKI Data ML320

The Tally Dascom 1140 has the speed and features of the OKI Data Microline 320. This 9-pin dot matrix printer from Tally Dascom is built to handle up to 5-part forms.

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